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Registration Fees:

Early Bird Discount: $1,349 (expires March 1, 2024)
Pre-Registration: $1,399 (expires May 1, 2024)
Regular Registration: $1,449 (expires June 1, 2024)
Late Registration: $1,499 (after June 1, 2024)
Each Additional Registration: $1,349

Breakfast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are included in your registration.

I would also like to order a Conference Resource Manual for $149 that will be available at the Conference Registration. If you would like to pre-register for shipping the manual home, please select the "Shipping box". ​(Note: The Conference Resource Manual contains hundreds of pages of resource material that can be used throughout the year. These documents are only available in the Conference Resource Manual and not through the conference app.)​​​​​​​​​​​​
This amount will be charged to your credit card.​​​

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