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Registration Fees:

Early Bird Discount: $1,399 (expires March 1, 2025)
Pre-Registration: $1,449 (expires May 1, 2025)
Regular Registration: $1,499 (expires June 1, 2025)
Late Registration: $1,549 (after June 1, 2025)
Each Additional Registration: $1,399

Breakfast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are included in your registration.

I would also like to order a Conference Resource Manual for $199 that will be available at the Conference Registration. ​(Note: The Conference Resource Manual contains resource material that can be used throughout the year. These documents are only available in the Conference Resource Manual and not through the conference app.)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
This amount will be charged to your credit card.​​​